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Read this before you start looking for a second home


In an ideal world you might put yourself in the hands of an agency that has the biggest portfolio of properties you are looking for in the area you want to buy, right? But with hundreds of online and offline agencies to choose from; how do you know where to find the right one? And how do you get them to find you the right property? And what if you are not even sure where to buy?

And if you are looking for a bank repossession, how do you know if the Spanish bank you are dealing with has the right property for you, or the agency you’ve found has agreements with the best banks?

And what if you’re looking for a new build or off-plan property? How do you know if you have found a trustworthy builder, or an agent dealing with all the best builders in the area you want to buy?

Let’s Live Abroad can help.

We are not a property portal. As a leading player since 2001, we have secured contracts with the best agencies and banks to make your job easy. It will save you time sifting through teasers or sold properties and still never finding the property you want. We are another kind of one-stop shop.

And this is how Let’s Live Abroad

We ask you a few questions, and based on your budget, property needs and area you are looking to buy; make a decision on who the best people are to help you.

Once you have booked your flights and hotel and have dates you want to make an appointment to view, contact us. We find the best agency and specialists to ensure you find what you are looking for. Simple as that! And it doesn’t cost you a penny. Our clients rarely go home empty-handed! You can read what they say here.

Like any estate agent, you don’t pay for the service Let’s Live Abroad offers you. When any property is sold to a client, the commission is already arranged beforehand by the bank or vendor so it makes no difference who you go through to buy. (It is quite normal for agencies to have properties from other agencies fed through their own website property portal).

Another benefit to you is that by going through Let’s Live Abroad we reward qualifying clients with €50 towards your expenses if it is through one of our participating partners. .

So what about inspection trips? These are usually conducted to ensure you remain with an agency for the duration of your visit. But be careful… You are more likely to be shown properties with a high commission yield. Companies have to claw back the expense of flights and hotel accommodation somehow. It is better to go independently and then you can visit what companies, banks and agencies you like.

Remember, when you see a good bargain online, it should be snapped up. And if it’s below market value the property would almost certainly have invited no end of enquiries from across the world and inspection visits long before you came to spot it. When Let’s Live Abroad book you for an appointment, we aim to get keys to properties before they are advertised on the internet and increase your chance of finding a bargain.

So what can you get for your budget? Here’s a rough guide…

Under £50,000 – To make the most of a low budget, we can help with Spanish mortgages. £50,000 will buy an apartment in the city of Alicante which is a 15-minute bus ride from the airport and 1km from the beach. There are also apartment blocks in gated communities in Murcia and Almeria. And for real value for money, don’t rule out Turkey or Bulgaria. We can help here too.

Over £50,000 – Apartments in Murcia and Costa Blanca..

Over £90,000 – Townhouses in Costa Blanca

Over £100,000 - Villas (apartments in Costa del Sol and Canaries)

Book your flights and hotel and make an appointment with Let’s Live Abroad now.

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So when is the best time to buy?

To answer bluntly: 2013. It will be a long time before we will witness again clients returning the proud owners of a £40,000 townhouse. Or a fine apartment with a large solarium for £20,000. That doesn’t mean to say there are no bargains to be had now; it just means we have to play a better hand getting one.

The best time to go is off-season; when holiday-makers are jetting back as fast as the bargains go up for sale. We obtain a steady stream of bank repossessions all year, but how much better it is when there are fewer around to take up the offer to view!

No waiting for a table in Alicante in January

And what about those bargains? Realistically, it is no longer possible to find decent properties under €70,000 near the coast. But don’t let that put you off. A small mortgage might be all it takes to put you in the running. Tell us if you think you need one and we will get things in motion for you so you are prepared by the time the plane tyres hit the hot tarmac.

Bargains with only you to make an offer

One of the most common tasks for all agencies in this Internet age is providing information for browsers. A client who has made an appointment with us to view will always be at the top of the list to see something newly released by the bank or vendor. But once that property has been released on xml feeds, the general rule of thumb is, the cheaper the property, the more enquiries are generated asking about rooms sizes, community fees, additional photographs and property addresses from second home seekers in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, the Benelux and just about anywhere else. Don’t browse. Just book a flight and go out and look. But don’t leave it to the last minute and an English estate agent on the beach when you get there! Let’s Live Abroad representatives are real estate professionals with connections to local banks, realtors and vendors who are happy to help you find a bargain when you arrive in Spain. Trust us. We’ve being doing this since 2001. Let the guys from the Spanish office get the keys to properties that fit your budget and then leave you alone to have a good look round.

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