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Want to try for a repossession? Read BANK REPOSSESSIONS in Fascinating Features. Bargains to be had on our INSPECTION TOURS (we promise the widest range on the Costas - new, resales & repos')!


£40 inspection trips to buy repossessions and bargains.




Lo-call: 0845 22 55 777



Buying a Home in 5 Easy Steps

We make it easy for you with inspection trips to see bank repossessions and bargains!*

Inspection trips includes flights, three nights B&B at an ApartHotel near beach and pick-up and drop-off at airport. (If you see a property for sale on other listings let us know and we’ll take you there and endeavour to negotiate a suitable price if you like it.)

We have access to the largest property portfolios in the Costa Blanca.

Just contact us by email or phone and we will arrange them all!


1. Look for a flight

On an inspection trip or appointment, you’ll need just two or three nights. Otherwise, go for a week’s holiday in Benidorm or a long weekend in Alicante and work it round that! If you are looking in the Costa Blanca check out the cheap flights with, or to Alicante or Murcia. Or just book flights to Alicante with SkyScanner.


2. Call us with your dates

Call Let’s Live Abroad (0141 25 88 935 or 0844 991 0777) and tell us when you are going out!


3. Pick a property

We should know by now your budget and what you’re looking for, so when you’re in Spain we will have someone with keys to pick you up and drive you round and show you some bargains. There is NO PRESSURE! We wait for you to tell us if you've seen something you like. If you don’t see anything, don’t worry, enjoy your holiday: you can always come back another time.


4. What does it cost to buy? (Subject to changes)

You can put down a small deposit to hold the property if you fear it could be snapped up by someone else. Otherwise....

As a general rule of thumb: Add 10-14% to any purchase price.

Let's break it down: -

VAT (IVA) is 10% of purchase price.

It is wise to add another 3% to cover Land Registry and Notary fees (this fee is set by Government). The Notary is responsible for paying any taxes and registering your property with the Land Registry).

Solicitor’s fees (your solicitor will review the sale agreement, verify title deeds, and carry out other checks to ensure that you're protected).

Water and electricity.

Stamp Duty.

Council Tax (SUMA) in Spain is considerably cheaper than the UK with the annual refuse collection tax paid separately. As a guide, council tax and refuse collection is between approximately €100 and €200 annually for a 2 bedroom apartment.

For properties under €100,000, buying taxes remain low – in fact, they can often cost you less than the effect a swing in the £/€ exchange rate can have on your purchase.

If you require a mortgage, set up fees of banks may vary but it’s normally 1.5% to 2.5% of the mortgage required. You might need to show a copy of your P60 (or three month's wage slips); your last two month's bank account statements; last year's tax return and an Experian credit report. (Your credit report can be obtained free from

Fuel is slightly cheaper, (approximately 10p a litre) and alcohol is considerable cheaper. A Campo Viejo Rioja in the UK is approximately £8 compared to £4.50 in Spain.


5. Pour yourself a glass of Spanish wine

Because we do the rest. We’ll set up a Spanish bank account for you, get you a Spanish lawyer that speaks English and help you get furniture if you need it.

Come and see why the Daily Record calls us "the leading overseas property agency".

Just check the weather


That dream home is out there... just waiting for you

*Terms and conditions apply

Inspection trips with Let's Live Abroad! Ltd and its agents are for serious buyers only. Whilst there is no pressure or compulsion to buy you must be able to make a decision to purchase and be in a position to do so to qualify for this offer. This offer is for the Costa Blanca, Murcia and Costa Calida regions only. For the purposes of this offer it is necessary to demonstrate access to a minimum of £90,000 to purchase property in these coastal regions of mainland Spain with the Let's Live Abroad! office first. The Spanish office will notify us of non-compliance with our terms and conditions and their decision is final. For legal and security reasons Let's Live Abroad! Ltd cannot book your flights for you but recommend you do so online or with a properly insured ABTA agency. Let's Live Abroad! Ltd will refund the outstanding balance for your flights in sterling once we have confirmation from the Spanish office that you have attended your appointment. Full terms and condition on application.