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Do Tropical Dreams Come True?

It looks like it for the Frasers and the Houstons


It’s easy to dismiss consultants on our Inspection Tours of Spain’s Costa Tropical who tell you: “You can be skiing in the mountains in the morning and be sunbathing on the beach in the afternoon” - as sales patter. It must’ve impressed our clients from Glasgow, Lynn and Simon Houston and Anne and Chris Fraser, though, who went out to look at properties on the Costa Tropical and came back with four! (And then recommending friends who bought another two, but that's another story!)

Townhouse for sale at Albuñol.

Is it all just sales patter? We asked friends Anne and Lynn when they popped into our office for a coffee and to show off pictures of their families enjoying their new homes. Apparently not! Some of the first pictures they showed - before ones of them soaking up the sunshine on the beach in the afternoon - were some of their family’s skiing on the Sierra Nevada.

Skiing in the Sierra Nevada

I’m sure they didn’t mean to come over all ‘Place-In-The-Sun’ on us, but sitting under the 16-foot (imitation) banana trees in our office and showroom, it’s hard not to get just a tad jealous of Lynn and Anne. After all, it’s a tough job for us at Let’s Live Abroad! sending out clients to start a new life when our own cold, wet and windy ones aren't exactly up to scratch! Who wants to know that there’s a jack-knifed lorry on the North Circular or the Clyde Expressway is closed (again) when there are more important things in life to deal with? Like remembering all the fruit and vegetables you need to pick up from the local market for tea on the terrace!

Teatime on the terrace overlooking Albuñol

Albuñol is just a five minute drive to the beach at La Rábita

Lynn and Anne were happy to share with us some spectacular photos of their lovely Spanish homes in the town of Albuñol and the townhouse they bought which they are now hoping to sell. What makes this particular townhouse so special is the elevation and commanding views over the town. In many cases, such properties could become detached from the hustle and bustle of local life in the town, but in this case, the properties are integral and connected to it by a quiet road.

The elevated townhouses at Albuñol

Twilight views of the 17th century Virgen Del Rosario parish church from the terrace

The winding, whitewashed streets of the town are set amidst vineyards and olive groves and offer beautiful walks along the hills of El Gato, (where the popular Cerro del Gato wine gets its name), Los Galvez and La Ermita.

Views down the valley to the coast

Steeped in history, with a population of less then 7,000, in Albuñol you will find the Casa de las Margaritas, now a parish church, where the Granada-born writer Pedro Antonio de Alarcon once wrote his famous comic novel, ‘The Three-cornered Hat’ (El Sombrero de Tres Picos). The story has already been filmed in Spanish and is about an infatuated mayor’s attempt to seduce the miller's wife. The town also houses the 17th century hermitage of San Antonio and the 18th century convent of San Gregorio.

More views of Albuñol from the terrace

The Albuñol townhouse that is for sale has four bedrooms, two on each floor. There is also a bathroom on each floor. With two elevated balconies to choose from, there’s every opportunity to watch the sun come up in the morning while you are eating your breakfast and watch the lights of the local parish church twinkle into life at twilight.

One of four spacious bedrooms, two of which step out onto a terrace

Living in this comfortable home, you might want to fill your glass with a chilled wine and step out onto the patio to take in the views. The townhouse has its own garage and is only a five minute drive to the coast which means that in the summer months the crowds are not on your doorstep. The village, on the other hand, is a short walk away. The home has its own utility room and a communal swimming pool. Communal costs, which include the maintenance of the pool, are approximately €25 a month.

You can keep an eye on the swimming pool from the terrace

With skiing in the Sierra Nevadas, don’t forget to enjoy the cosmopolitan and Moorish city of Granada with its famous Alhambra palace less than two hours drive away. Almeria, with its own airport is just 45 minutes away.

The beach at La Rábita is only five minutes away

Simon and Lynn together with their family at Albuñol

If you would like to take an Inspection Tour of the area, or specifically want to view this property amongst a selection of resales, call Let’s Live Abroad! on 0845 22 55 777. This four-bedroom townhouse will cost €237,000.