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Investors Target Spain and Italy

As featured in The Daily Record


Buy abroad before you’re Jinty nae-pals - flouncing around the house in a pair of stupid Garfield slippers and a tan you bought from an orange receptionist sitting under a plastic palm tree.

If it’s only been your lot to make excuses while property sellers pitched their prices well above what you could afford in Spain: No more! Call Let’s Live Abroad! on 0844 99 10 777. We have bucket-loads of sellers who’ll be beating a path to your door! The worm has turned! It’s a buyers’ market, so dip your spoon in the gravy! Studio apartments start at around £47,000.

Mad Dash for Italy

Not so long ago, investors were doubling their money in Spain faster than a Saturday night with Hughie Green! That was, until earlier this year, when a share price correction of property companies quoted on the Madrid stock exchange threw them into a blind panic. Construction stocks were dumped faster than hot potatoes at a slimmer’s club! Let’s Live Abroad! phones went into meltdown with buyers leaving deposits (50%) on homes in Italy starting at £35,000! (And they still are!) Meanwhile, canny investors - with their eyes still on the Spanish coast - recognised the property hike as a local problem and that a fall in stock market confidence and property share prices was not the same as a crash in the housing market. The 'problem' started on Malaga and the Costa del Sol, (overpriced and overbuilt) and panned out into a buyers’ market right along the Costas.

As soon as Let’s Live Abroad! get your dates for a three or four day inspection tour, you’ll be well on your way to getting a bit of sunshine, a new villa, more friends, and something that could reasonably be called ‘a life’. Picture yourself in a sumptuous villa nestling behind palm trees; bougainvillea cascading over a balcony that overlooks a glistening pool or out across a sandy Mediterranean beach.

Stunning Parco di Principi 5-star hotel used for LLA! inspection tours

Interest has been sharpened. Shrewdly working the property search engine we are seeing an upsurge in hits from new buyers, particularly further up the coast in Costa Blanca (Benidorm, Alicante, Torrevieja), Calida (Murcia), Almeria and Costa Blanca North (Calpe and Denia). The Spanish property market has undergone a soft landing with property prices now projected to rise in line with general inflation.

If you’re thinking of buying in Spain or Italy right now: Lucky you! The most popular place to buy a second home is – obviously – going to be in a sunny place that doesn’t require a small loan to buy a plane ticket for flights on the third Thursday of every month.

Like Spain five years ago, flights to Calabria in Italy are via Stansted but Costa Blanca has a choice of two airports, both with cheap daily flights direct from Scottish airports. Alicante and Murcia’s airports are less than three hours away, the latter being upgraded to international status at Corvera. Booking in advance can secure daily return flights from less than £50. And, just to make it interesting, in both January and February this year, temperatures on the Costa Blanca were up there in double figures! (And we’re talking 20°; not the 10° recorded in Largs.)

Make life on the Costas your recipe: Pick up a first class train ticket to Madrid for £40 to admire the paintings of Goya in the Prado or enjoy a night in Benidorm with the girls before you’re head’s down the pan, flushing your Armitage Shanks. Use your imagination. Take a boat trip to Mallorca; immerse yourself in the mud round the salt lakes of Torrevieja; taste the wines in a bodega; pick up everything you need for a fruit smoothie at the local market or a cute Spaniard for skiing lessons in the Sierra Nevada. Put the ‘live’ back in Let’s Live Abroad; put your savings where you can see them and enjoy!

Before we nip off for an afternoon nap and sangria; a wee quezzie… Just who are these canny new investors? Do they hang out in bars named after retired footballers, ordering fancy iced drinks stuffed with catmint and a pink straw? No! They order cushion covers from catalogues. They patrol departmental stores like El Cortes Inglés for wine glasses that can nicely swirl a good Rioja on their terrace. They buy with hard-earned money and are guided by their heart. They go on inspection tours with Let’s Live Abroad! a company with the widest range of properties on the Costas.

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