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Costa del Sol

Step into my tropical gardens


Marbella is pronounced Mar-bayer. Who knows why? Someone more qualified should explain to me how one continent and a cheap ferry crossing turns a ‘y’ into two‘ll’s. Must’ve been a dodgy crossing. Marbella is in the region of Andalucía, handy for the airport at Malaga and that’s our geography lesson over!

Getting down to the more serious stuff, let’s begin by saying that as a member of a professional body, the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), before we recommend properties to clients, we must make sure it is a safe purchase for you. Behind this project is one of Spain’s biggest banks. And, my goodness, it shows!

Once you’ve seen Pueblo Los Monteros - it translates as ‘hunter’s town’ if you’ve not already stuck it in Babelfish - you’ll be sold! And we’re not kidding! It’s created an Earth-moving amount of interest since its inception. We just had to go out to find out why so we could share it with you. There are two towns, built in both a Mediterranean and an Andalucían style, both with 24-hour security and called, respectively, Pueblo Mediterráneo (Mediterranean town) and Pueblo Andaluz (Andalucían town). (OK, what it lacks in imagination there it more than makes up for the moment you step out the car)!

There are three tennis courts, four paddle tennis courts (if you’ve not played before, you’ll be addicted), a fully-equipped gymnasium, an exclusive clubhouse, a hotel, a shopping centre, several stunning outdoor pools and an indoor one! These are surrounded by such lush tropical gardens you’ll be cracking open that coconut before you’ve made it to the terrace with the rest of the smoothie.

If you’ve ever watched Desperate Housewives, you’ll know Marbella is the kind of place that’s guaranteed to raise eyebrows when you tell your friends that’s where your second home is! Face it… “Oh, did I tell you we also have a bijou residence in Marbella”, does have a certain ring about it, doesn’t it? Not that it ever set out to be that way. Back in the sixties, the owners rather you kept it to yourself. Either that or you went home with a broken kneecap. But that’s a whole other story. Suffice to say the boss ruled out getting Ronnie Biggs and Jack Slipper together to debate the pros and cons of buying in Costa del Sol, so you’ll just have to take my word for it! Get yourself out to the sunshine and see these stunningly beautiful apartments starting at €284,000. Call Let’s Live Abroad! on 0845 22 55 777 and they will send you out more information or make all the arrangements for you, either for an appointment or Inspection Tour direct from the UK.

We were swept away by the sheer beauty of this mouth-watering resort! And at the risk of sounding like I’ve just taken a big puff of ganja, stay with me while I reminisce how we strolled along a fine sandy beach skirting the edge of the Mediterranean Sea one evening as it gently washed up along the shore. As the sun melted into the hazy sky on the horizon, we walked along the front to hear the gently crashing waves mingling with the tinkling of keys from a lovely wee piano bar before heading for a restaurant near the Alcazaba Wall in the old quarter for a meal under the stars. After the waiter popped the cork on a semi-seco Cava I had relaxed enough to take in my surroundings. Pueblo Los Monteros had done it for me. I knew exactly where I wanted to take my life from that moment on! (Even though, by the end of the evening, I struggled to find my way home!) But I digress…

Live here and soon, you’ll be living like a native and as familiar with Estepona and Fuengirola as you were with Egham or Falkirk. And you’ll hopefully be stepping lightly over the clipped grass of Los Naranjos Golf Club with your new set of Taylor Made’s instead of belting across the sodden mush of a central reservation with your shopping spilling out of an Asda carrier.

Feel the magic as you wander around the white-painted Pueblo Andaluz capturing a centuries-old Andalucían charm. Linger beneath the fountains or under the arches cascading with Bougainvillea and roses. Fill your nose with the fragrance of Orange Blossom and Jasmine as it wafts in the still evening air. There are 89 apartments available here in the first phase and every one of them different! Choose from one, two, three or four-bedroom properties with spacious terraces and porches and gardens up to 100 square metres.

Admire the warm terracotta colours of the Pueblo Mediterráneo as you look across pots overfilled with geraniums to the sea separating two continents. In the first phase here there are 70 large apartments in seven separate buildings.