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Costa Tropical - Spain's New Paradise

...And not far from Malaga


The Costa Tropical reflects the UK’s changing approach to foreign climes. Why buy a fortnight’s holiday when you can have a permanent bolt-hole? This beautiful enclave is just 40 minutes drive east from Malaga airport and south of the fabulous city of Granada with its superb shops, cobbled streets full of Moroccan teashops and that placemat picture of snow-capped mountains behind the Alhambra Palace, all perfect for skiing.

The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Costa Tropical

The Amphitheatre

No visit to Granada, the Costa Tropical's principal city would be complete without a visit to the Sultan's Alhambra Palace and its enchanting gardens. The Moors were an enlightened branch of Islam that took to Spain their great knowledge of science, mathematics, astronomy and the arts. You would be well advised to pick up tickets in advance. You can do this at branches of the BBVA bank.

The gardens of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Costa Tropical

Artistic flourishes of Arabic script

The stunning Moorish architecture of the 14th century Lion's Court, Alhambra Palace

Enjoy kayaking; sailing; diving or snorkelling amongst the tropical fish along the coastal towns of Almuñecar, Nerja or the lavishly Bohemian resort of La Herradura where you can watch drag shows at bars like La Cochera with its stunning interior of Arabic high camp or drink in pub gardens hung with Moroccan lamps from trees and terra cotta pots stuffed with plants filling the air with the scent of orange blossom.

La Herradura, Costa Tropical

Make sure you drink plenty of liquid in the heat. That’s aqua, not vino! (Although Rioja aged in old Sherry casks will take some resisting). In places like this, the local bodega delivers bottles of wine to your door like the milkman! With tables and chairs spilling out onto the pavement, The Anchor in La Herradura serves excellent food. We chomped our way through a delicious salad here which led us to ask the name of one particularly delicious, crunchy leaf. The chef had no idea. “And the man who picks them doesn’t know either,” she added cheerfully.

Spring in Costa Tropical

We survived to discover further delights west of the headland of Cerro Gordo, its hiking trails covered in herbs like Hyssop, Fennel and Rosemary. You might be in good company buying property here. According to local gossip, Posh & Becks had been up on Cerro Gordo sniffing around property for sale!

Houses up on Cerro Gordo

The road down from Cerro Gordo , Costa Tropical

Barry runs Hotel La Tartana, a stunning guest house with 16th century convent doors to rooms off a central courtyard cascading with bougainvillea round a fountain at La Herradura with Tigger, a lazy tabby stretched out over the warm, courtyard paving slabs; blocking the path of busy staff, weighed down with dirty laundry. Barry told me: “There is a very laid back feel and sense of community here. Everything is cool”.

Hotel La Tartana, La Herradura, Costa Tropical


An estimated six million people are expected to own property overseas by 2020. This is not a fad; it’s a trend. But with so many of us leaving the country with our money and talents, are we worried? Well, put it this way; the British media has not been slow delivering plenty of bad luck stories about people buying abroad and the Met Office has even instructed weather forecasters to be more positive when describing our awful weather! What was “a small chance of showers” is now “mostly dry”! But it’ll take more than that to ripen our oranges! With cheap flights; good infrastructure; stable economy, Spain is still the favourite place to buy and play in the sun.

La Herradura, Costa Tropical

If we can pull you off the beach a minute to take a look at some properties - I’d put something on, because we are going inland – just 20 minutes from Granada and nestling close to the Andalucían mountains. This is the village of Balcones de Iznalloz which translates rather romantically from its Moorish roots into ‘castle of almond trees’.

Balcones de Iznalloz

It’s a busy village with restaurants, cafés, bars, shops, banks, a health centre and – just to make it interesting for you – a 16th century church designed by the Spanish renaissance architect and sculptor, Diego de Siloé. There’s a railway station too, so popping into town (the fabulous city of Granada, no less) is de rigueur.

The stunning apartments at Balcones de Iznalloz

The properties we have here are apartments set around a swimming pool in beautifully landscaped gardens. Prices are from €99,000 to €166,000 although we can’t guarantee there will be any left by the time we get you out there to go and have a look, but you are welcome to pop over and see us anytime to see our huge catalogue of new and resale properties that changes from day to day.

Convenient for Malaga airport, Granada city and the coast of Costa Tropical

As far as buying safely on the costas, there is only one properly regulated agency with the widest range of properties on the costas offering guarantees against risks and carrying the international kite mark (ISO 9001). This is Medsea plc who can be contacted through Let’s Live Abroad! (Call us on 0845 22 55 777). We give away a free guide to buying in Spain and an Ordnance Survey map of the costas.

All the pressure is taken out of buying in Spain by conducting inspection tours with salaried staff and Let’s Live Abroad! organise all of this for you. It is by the far the cheapest way to tour Costa Tropical looking at property since they are the experts who know exactly where to look to suit your budget; it costs you nothing (except air fares) and they can even come up with great mortgage deals through Spanish banks. Buying property in Spain is often cheaper than buying a starter home in the UK. Apartments can be found from around £80k. In the case of buying off-plan, £2,000 takes the property off the market. You then put down a deposit within 30 days and you don’t have to pay the rest until completion. Negotiate with the builders’ when you want to complete. You can discuss cheaper Spanish mortgages while you are in Spain.

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